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1.M camera driver code path

1.1 Config file

– kernel-3.18/arch/arm64/configs/<$PROJECT>_debug_defconfig (for Eng load)

– kernel-3.18/arch/arm64/configs/<$PROJECT>_defconfig ( for user load)

– device/mediatek/<$PROJECT>/ProjectConfig.mk

1.2 Kernel driver & build Makefile

[By project]


[By Platform]


Priority: project > platform

1.3 Kd_sensorlist.c/kd_sensorlist.h


1.4 Kd_camera_hw.c/kd_camera_hw.h


1.5 Header files

– kd_imgsensor.h

– kd_imgsensor_errcode.h

– kd_imgsensor_define.h

– kd_camera_feature_id.h

– kd_camera_feature.h

– kd_camera_feature_enum.h

file path:

1) Kernel space


2) User space


Notice:These files must be the same inuser and kernel space, otherwise you will encounter the io-ctrl error.Why? One rule: Android should not Access Kernel space Source and Header Files directly.

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