Linaro Connect began in Las Vegas and welcomed over 425 attendees making it one of the largest Linaro Connect events on September 27.  Linaro Connect Las Vegas 2016 (LAS16) is a five-day event full of keynotes by industry leaders, talks, training, hacking and a lot of socializing fun.  Linaro Connect brings together the best and the brightest of the Linux on ARM community and LAS16 was no exception. As a member of the Linaro 96Boards is also invited to participate in the conference, ArcherMind Technology CTO Bin Du delivered a keynote speech on the 96Boards to the guests at the scene to carry out the MediaTek X20 development board demonstration and development training.

It began with a Welcome Keynote by Linaro’s CEO, George Grey, who welcomed attendees to the event and gave an overview of the many projects that Linaro is working on with its member companies.  George then went on to demo several of these projects.

The MediaTek X20 development board is an open source platform jointly launched by ArcherMind Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.and MediaTek Inc. It conforms to the 96boards specification, with an incredibly powerful 10-core heterogeneous processor,Mali-T880 series GPU and industry leading multimedia capabilities.Currently, MediaTek X20 development board is hot on sale!